Friday, 29 August 2014

Pink Friday and No Make UP #allweek

Yeah so l am having a no make up week lol, l just need to give my skin a breather from all the make up and all sorts l do this every month for a week and its the time that is take me to apply the make up that annoys me sometimes. Funny thing l only started applying make up about three years ago because my best friend insisted and my ears only got pierced last year. l was never a girly girl like l kinda am today,l just didn't bother with a lot of stuff cause my job is not glamours. As an interior designer l spend most of my time knocking down walls etc so l just didn't bother dressing up, but now l love it and l wish l loved dressing up more earlier in my life. Anyway today for work l am wearing

Blazer - Coast
Skirt - H&M Trend
Shirt - Charity Shop
Shoes- Old


  1. Love this outfit and you look amazing without makeup! I'd just end up looking tired and haggard! I quite enjoy putting on make up but never take too much time over it. Still haven't got my ears pierced tho, it would just mean having way more jewellery to add the my wish list! Hx

  2. Thank you very much,hahaha l used to think that before l got them pierced too extra shopping but now l'm getting better at buying earrings but l am not wearing them which is strange.