Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fall !!!

l am loving the graffiti wall just outside my house, its just so random but also really nice, l like it cause its really good for pics if they are in a collage for instagram and facebook lol
Skirt - Charity Shop
Shoes - Old Topshop
Clutch and Leather Top - Primark

Vintage and print clash

More Vintage
Skirt - Vintage
Top - its a dress from Primark
Blazer - Vintage
Pumps - old

Vintage Addict

If l am in a pleated skirt l feel l million dollars, this is my fav style and l love it
Skirt - Vintage
Top - Gift
Shoes - old
Blazer - Vintage
Belt - Ebay


 I love making my own outfit because them l can make them to fit my body and just be creative with it, l am not an expect when it come to sewing but with each outfit l try l gain a little more experience.
Recycled this skirt l made last year and l was stuck on something to wear to a wedding because the dress l ordered was late so l had to think of some thing quick and this is what l did xoxo

Skirt Recycled #armyprint

The skirt l am wearing as a top, l wore it in my last post at the Debenhams event and l thought l would switch up a little. l love just getting pieces in my closet and recycle them, l save a lot of money too cause blogging is an expensive thing at times. The skirt l paired it with is vintage and the #shoes are #primark and l got them for just £1 l was so chuffed. Accessories are from Topshop .

Monday, 8 September 2014

Debenhams AW2014 Press Show Glasgow #amazing !!!!

I was invited by @Debenhams to their AW2014 collection Pres show and it was amazing, To be HONEST Debenhams is not a store l frequently shop in if ever l hardly go in, l always feel quiet claustrophobic in theirs store cause their is never room to move and all the young and trendy stuff is always put behind were you can hardly see it and its full of wedding kind of clothes but after having been to see the AW2014 Collection  l can not wait to go shopping there now, and big plans for Debenhams. The coats and leather,the green all of it. This year pastels colours are the way to soften your Fall/Winter style. For me designers that stood out and l need to have their pieces in my closet were Todd #lovetheleather, John Rocha too and Henry Holland xoxo

Some of my fav pics from the AW2014 @DEBENHAMS COLLECTION