Monday, 10 February 2014

Work midi dress for £3

Dressing bright today on this dull day in Edinburgh.... lm doing a lot of networking for my business today and l always dress bright so l get noticed and remembered in a large group. Also found these a few of these dresses on Ebay and they are great for work and best part the are £3 more details on my blog...
Bare in mind that sometimes cheap dresses also come in cheap material but if its for work cause l know the work wardrope can run out this a cheap way of extending it 
Just Search for Midi Dresses on Ebay and bob in your uncle there are so many many bargains on there....

Blazer - h&m old 
Dress - ebay
Shoes - really old 
Clutch - Vintage 


  1. You werkin that outfit gal!! LOVE the colour - so radiant. :-) Ok you got me hooked on Ebay now. lol!!

  2. I love ebay and most people are selling these midi dresses for a lot of money and their suppliers are on ebay... And l even like the fact that designer stores are also on ebay

  3. I love your colour combinations. Not sure my legs are ready for the weather in Edinburgh quite yet though!

    Kimberley x

  4. That dress looks like it was made for you, and you look stunning in it! Glad you were finally able to get outfit photos taken.