Monday, 17 September 2012

My 60s Swag...

l love this out so much because l love everything Vintage and boy do l collect a lot from fairs,charity shops and car boot sales and l always want to recreate out fits from the past and mix then with new.This outfit was inspired but my love of Period dramas eg Mrs Biggs,The Bletchly Ladies.....

The Bag   -    l got it from a pile of rubbish from a vintage shop that was closing down and l only paid 50p for it and l love it,l cleaned it up and painted it a bit but keeping the old look still.
Dress       -    H&M    the statement collar is a must have this season
Shoes      -     Primark
Blazer      -     Internacional
Hat          -     H&M
Thights     -     SimplyBe

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